Lucienne Pereira is a Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist working with painting, drawing, sculpture, installation art, and community murals. Her artwork refers formally and conceptually to issues of symbiosis and adaptation. In her community murals  she is interested in engaging the  community members in creating something that  brings them  pride, a sense of belonging, and information.

Lucienne has a master's degree  in Arts from Frank Mohr Instituut, Netherlands and will be a licensed art teacher in May of 2019.

As a muralist artist she has led children, teens and adults  to participate in the painting process regardless their  skills or experiences. Besides engaging people into working together, Ms. Pereira also introduces them to new painting techniques and concepts.

In Ms. Pereira's school projects, the  students are exposed to new techniques and materials. During the process, notions and concepts about art, literature, mathematics, science, social studies are explored whenever possible. She has worked in public schools as a visting artist as
a participant of the C3 Squared Grant from 2016 to 2018                                                       ( )

Ms. Pereira has also experience  with  commissioned  murals for private homes, public places, and businesses.